The idea for The Family Computer Doctor came as a result of me helping family and friends with their computer problems as they came up in conversations. “Oh, yeah, I’ve seen that before. Here’s what you need to do to take care of it.” The common thread was they were all grateful for the help, but until I came along, they didn’t know where to go for help when their problem hit. If it’s all “who you know,” then what are you supposed to do if you aren’t good friends with someone who works on your kind of PC for a living?

Rob Bennett - The Family Computer Doctor

I’ve been working on PC’s ever since the late ’80’s – first as a student, then as a professional. I’ve done technical support for a Fortune 500 company, flown around the country doing support work for a start-up company, worked for State government and private industry as a network administrator – I guess you could say that I just like working on computers and helping people solve their very real and very frustrating problems!

Over time, I saw that people often didn’t know who to go to to find help when they have a problem. Sure, there are computer repair companies, but they tend to be pretty expensive, and you have to work according to their schedule. I had the idea for a computer support company like the old fashioned Country Doctor who would come to your house, stick a tongue depressor in your mouth, diagnose your problem, and write you a prescription and a plan to help you feel better. I hope you find my Family Computer Doctor rewarding and helpful and if I can fix your problem, I will do it without breaking the bank! Call if you have questions!

Medical Person Illustration