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Saving the world - one computer at a time!

My name is Rob Bennett and I am the Family Computer Doctor. I have worked in the tech industry since I was a kid playing around with my first Atari computer in the late 80's. In the 90's and 2000's, I went to work for WordPerfect Corporation doing tech support, worked for a Fortune 500 company flying around the country to support their product, administered networks for an office in the State of Utah and a private non-profit. Since then, I have continued to develop and grow in the computer industry and have a solid knowledge of how they work and what we should be able to expect of them.

It is my highest priority to get you taken care of as quickly and reliabily as possible so you can return to doing what you use your computer for (or would like to see if it can do for you!) It is an honor to be trusted to work on people's computers that save so much of their lives in them. I work hard to earn that trust, and hope you will find me worthy of it as I prove my commitment to you and go to work on your personal I.T. projects.

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