When it comes to computer problems, I am a generalist. I am not a programmer – I am a technician, and my personal experience with specific software products (there are thousands) is fairly broad. I understand computers and how they are supposed to do their job. I’ve been doing this a long time – often this experience is enough to take care of your problems or issues that I can solve even if I haven’t run into it specifically before. But chances are that I have seen it


Here are the main services that I provide. Look the list over and let me know if you have questions.

  • Technical support for all Windows™ based PC’s (I tend to do most of my work on Windows 10 PC's, but I can help with older versions)

  • Data recovery (find and potentially restore deleted files on a hard drive or other storage)

  • Computer optimization (want to speed up your current computer or look for a reasonable replacement? I can help!)

  • Installation of computer hardware or software that you may not feel comfortable doing yourself

  • Find and remove viruses, malware, phishing software and other dangerous programs, plus teach you how to avoid getting them in the future

  • Give advice and help facilitate hardware and software solutions that are tailored to your specific needs

  • Create and implement backup plans (help you backup your data so if anything ever happens to you computer or if it dies, you will be protected!)

PC Desktop with Blue Screen, Keyboard, and Mouse


Home Service Visit - $20

I come to your residence and perform the work that you need done there. Can arrange to take your system back to my office and do additional work as needed - with your permission, of course!

Base Service Charge - $25 per hour

All computers are different, as is each problem or issue you need help with. My base rate is done hourly in consultation with you and your specific needs. I like helping people, and thus am motivated to keep my service as affordable as possible for you.

Emergency or After Hours Rate - $35 per hour

Sometimes you have a crisis and need help immediately - not just 9 to 5. If I am in a position to do so, I will arrange to come help you as soon as possible and try to resolve your issue as quickly as possible so you can get on with your computer needs.

Hardware or Software Installation - $25 per hour

Sometimes you need someone familiar with computers to install and configure your new hardware part or software program, or talk to tech support on your behalf to get answers to your questions. I'm happy to do this and will answer all your questions while it is going on.

Research for Best Hardware or Software Component to meet your needs - Free!

If you know what you need (faster system, some program to do what you need, etc.) but don't know where to get it, what it will cost, and how to set it up, I can do that work for you. For research taking an hour or less, I'll do the work for you for free! Otherwise, the hourly rate applies.

Other Services Not On This List - Negotiable
If I haven't covered every  contingency and you want to know what it will cost you for me to do something special for you, just call or email me and we can work something out to your satisfaction!