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Personal I.T. Support

Ever wish you could just ask a simple computer question to someone but don't know who to ask? Ever wanted to have your own I.T. support person to call on when you need help with your PC or other tech devices? I'm your guy! I service Windows PC's and Android devices in people's and small business' locations when they need help - on their schedule!

PC Support and Service

I have over 35 years of computer support experience and am ready to make YOUR computer issues my next priority! I handle repair and service of non-Apple devices that need particular help that you need when you need it! My hours are flexible and my rates are very reasonable. Contact me and let's set up an appointment to take care of your computer needs! Free estimates.

House Calls

I'm mobile and can come to your house or place of business. Just let me know what your needs are when we set up your appointment and I come prepared to deal with your issues as soon as I arrive! You also have the option to drop off your computer to me and have me do the work in my office. Either way, you get personal attention to your individual tech needs.

 Help when you need it

Personalized Tech Support

Reasonable Cost and Availability

Helping you find the right IT solutions.

Getting tech help can be incredibly frustrating these days - who do I ask, how much will it cost, can I even get help for my issue? My goal is to provide simple answers for all your tech support needs and get you up and running as soon as possible. My experience is in helping individuals, families and small mom and pop businesses achieve their I.T. needs with personalized service - not some big impersonal corporate I.T. setup. Let me help you with your tech needs and make a personal plan to fix your issues and get things back to normal!

Lost Data?

Backups for my data?

Security issues?

IT support on a personal level.

You use your tech to store what's most important to you: photos, music, videos, documents, etc. If you lose or accidentally delete those files, you may be terrified that part of your history is lost forever! The good news is that often those lost files can be recovered. The sooner after you note the loss of the file to when we can start the recovery process, the better the odds are that you will get your files back intact. Contact me for free estimates on what it would take to restore files that are lost on your devices.

Having a backup of your data can prevent so many headaches - and downtime if something happens to your tech. I can help you establish a sound strategy for backing up your data so if something unanticipated should happen to your device, we can minimize the disruption to your valuable time and get things up and running again.

Malware, viruses, unsolicited emails, phishing schemes, identity theft: the list just goes on and on for the lengths that unscrupulous individuals are willing to take to take advantage of you and your loved ones or employees. Being prepared is the best course of action to prevent these things from occurring. But what if you suspect someone has already done something to you? Can you fix that? Most of the time, yes! I can come and scan your system, see what - if anything - has been done to compromise it, help undo the damage and get you prepared so it doesn't happen again. I will create a custom plan to help you with your unique needs and secure you quickly and efficiently so these situations do not get the best of you. You can fight back! Let me help!

The Family Computer Doctor

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