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Computers drive the information and economics of the world these days. Having one that isn’t performing as expected for some reason is a real downer! The Family Computer Doctor has been created to help you as an individual or family with a computer issue and don’t know where to go to for help.

Let me use my experience to diagnose your issue and provide solutions that are cost effective and will get you back up and running in short order!

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Knowing who to trust and who isn’t going to take advantage of you is a very important factor in choosing someone to perform a service for you these days.

I am committed to helping people (not businesses, not corporations – they already have people in I.T. to do work for them) just like you to get the help you need to answer your questions, fix your problems, and teach you about solutions so you are better off than before you contacted me.

Your technical well-being is my top priority – and I will do everything in my power to make sure you get my best efforts – every time.


If you can’t get to your information – on the web, in an old Word document or Excel spreadsheet, or find that picture you took of the kids years ago – it leads to frustration and anger at why it isn’t working now!

I recognize that helping you get access to that information – whatever form it takes – is what you likely need the most. That is why I am doing this business – and why I hope to be able to help YOU!

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A Bit About Me
Rob Bennett - The Family Computer Doctor

The Family Computer Doctor is owned and operated by Rob Bennett out of the Salt Lake Valley, Utah. I have worked my whole career dealing with computers – from PC’s to servers - for more than 30 years now. I deal with PC’s with Windows™ operating systems and can often help with issues using the Android™ operating platform on phones and tablets, but I don't work on Apple™, IOS™, or other Apple devices and software. PC's and Android keep me busy enough! I work by appointment, and my services provided can be found in the Services link. Please call or hit the Contact button to message with questions or to schedule an appointment.

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  • Scan and Fix Viruses/Malware

  • Diagnose and Fix PC Computer Problems

  • PC Support & Installation

  • Computer Back-up/Disaster Recovery

  • ​File and Disk Drive Recovery

  • Hardware and Software Installation and Support​​

  • ​General PC Consulting for Homes, Families and Individuals

  • Speed Up Aging Computers​

  • Internet security

  • Come to You and Fix Your Problems


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